CASTEMの分析機器群 ~物質科学解析回廊~


  •     Rock saws
  •     Buehler IsoMet, IsoMet 1000
  •     Disco DAD522 automatic dicing/cutting saw
  •     Thin-section grinder, Maruto prepalap polishers
  •     Struers Dao-V, LaboForce-3/LaboPol-5, and RotoPol-35/PdM-Force-20 MD grinding systems
  •     Jaw crusher/disc mill/percussion mill
  •     Wilfley table, Frantz magnetic separators, and in-house mica separator


  •     Philips PW2400 XRF
  •     Tokyo Kagaku TK-4200/5910 bead sampler and controller


  •     Titration system
  •     Electric muffle furnaces, Drying ovens


  •     JEOL JSM-7001F FE-SEM, with Oxford X-max (EDS), INCAWave 500 (WDS), and INCAx-act (CL) systems,
  •     JEOL JSM-7001FL low-vacuum FE-SEM, with Oxford INCAx-act (EDS) system
  •     Cameca ims-5f SIMS
  •     Cameca ims-1270 high-resolution multicollector SIMS
  •     Meiwafosis Neoc Osmium coater
  •   CADE Carbon coater
  •   JEOL JEE-420T Gold and Carbon coater
  •   JEOL JFC-500 Gold coaters
  •     Olympus BX60 Polarizing Microscopes with VisualStage system
  •     ThermoFisher Micro FT-IR system
  •     ThermoFisher Micro Raman spectroscopy


  •     JEOL JEM-2100F, with JEOL EDS and Gatan GIF Tridiem EELS systems
  •     JEOL JIB-4500 MultiBeam SEM-FIB
  •     OmniProbe AutoProbe 300 nanomanipulator systems
  •     JEOL JDS-230F dry pumping system
  •     Micromanipulator system (Narishige MWS-1A micromanipulators, Nikon Eclipse FN1 multipatch microscop, Narishige MF-900 micro forge, PC-10 glass puller)
  •     Ultra-microtome system (Leica Ultracut UC7)


  •     Thermo MAT 253 IRMS
  •     VG SIRA12 IRMS
  •     VG SIRA10 IRMS
  •     Thermo Flash 2000 elemental analyzer
  •     Thermo TC/EA high temperature conversion/elemental analyzer
  •     Thermo GasBench II continuous flow interface
  •     Thermo Conflo IV universal continuous flow interface
  •     GC-IsoLink gas chromatograph for IRMS
  •     Onizuka CO2 laser


  •     ThermoScientfic Helix
  •     VG5400